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Continued Existence
Gasleak Mountain @ 1 Thoresby Street

"Counting stars as you begin to drift off,

or drift down,

into a dreamscape vibrating with dread.


Found here is a collection of artefacts. All pulled from a unified world that reimagines medieval mysticism, severed from history. Familiar icons are charged with energy, enough energy to puncture through to the real world and ask for a definition; but they sit warped and disjointed from reality.


Instead we are invited to consider the disorder within ourselves; hanging in the middle of an uneasy jolt, as our body convinces us we are falling into something much less safe than sleep. In this way the exhibition translates the artist’s own experiences with anxiety, dyspraxia and depression. As you climb back up to the waking world, maybe the dreams will make more sense, or maybe they’ll just fade away.


‘cheers’" -

Gasleak Mountain

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