2022                    Relationship with the Self, The Take Courage Gallery, New Cross, London, UK
                    anywhere in between, The Tub, Hackney, London, UK

2021                    Small Pleasures II, All Mouth Gallery, London, UK

2021                    Lammas, Chaos Magic, BACKLIT, Nottingham, UK

2021                    looks like its gunna rain, WCCD x Motion Sickness, Coventry, UK

2021                    Continued Existence, Gasleak Mountain, 1 Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK (solo exhibition)

2021                    This is Not a Show. This is a Statement of Intent. WCCD x Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough, UK


2022-2023          School of the Damned, Cohort
2021-2022          Working Class Creatives Database, Studio Residency @ Set Studios, London

2021-2022          New Midland Group, Artist Development Program 


2022                    Imaginary House, Blood Wizard, EP artwork
2022                    Too Late for the Disco, Blood Wizard, single artwork
2022                    The Slip, Blood Wizard, single artwork
2022                    The Killing of the Sacred Buzzard, Jiminil, single artwork
2021                    Sparring, Orton, album typography

2021                    Family Tree, Jiminil, single typography

2021                    windowshopper, Blood Wizard, Moshi Moshi Records, single art

2021                    Tongue of blade ‡ Ears of mud, RCA Contemporary Practice, full cassette design

2021                    Spider, Jiminil, single typography

2021                    Western Spaghetti, Blood Wizard, Moshi Moshi Records, typography
                    Total Depravity, Blood Wizard, Moshi Moshi Records, single art

2020                    Fruit, Blood Wizard, Moshi Moshi Records, single art